Please excuse my RBF

I suffer from resting bitch face. It's not like I  purposely choose to go around looking like life kicked me where the sun don't shine. Or do I? There is some what of a mystery when you have RBF. Maybe I have a piss poor attitude (usually), maybe I am irritated (probably) or maybe I hate you (very strong possibility). Whether something is wrong, or isn't, it's inevitable that I will always get asked the ever so wearisome question, "WHATS WRONG? ARE YOU OKAY?" In my head I'm like, "Yeah I was perfectly fine until you started talking" and to their face I'm like, "Yeah I was perfectly fine until you started talking." 

In reality, I guess I do wear my emotions on my sleeve like it's this years hottest trend. But usually, I'm just silently observing. I like to say silently observing because it sounds a lot better than saying 'I'm silently judging you so hard that I can't believe you haven't stopped what you're doing already.' That last sentence makes me sound kind of bitchy. Maybe that's because I am? I don't know. I try hard not to be. I really try to be a nice and kind hearted person.. Some days are just harder than others when your heart is ice cold from life's routine wear and tear. Whatever. 



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