Manic Monday

It wouldn't be Monday if Mother Nature didn't come full force with her army of ill minded, pain inflicting, little devils continuously kicking my uterus with steel toed boots. I couldn't imagine any other way I would want to spend my day (after working a 12 hour night shift) than putting myself into ridiculous positions trying to rid myself of this nonstop torture. I did some searching and all of a sudden I remember the Legs Up The Wall pose. BINGO! This pose has so many benefits, and cramp relief happens to be one of them. If I could stay in this pose all day, I would. FYI, here are some of the other benefits from Legs Up The Wall that may be of service to you:

  1. Relieves swollen ankles + mild backache.
  2. Stretches the back of the neck, front torso and hamstrings.
  3. Migrane and headache relief.
  4. Calms anxiety.

I am no expert on yoga and the different poses. I learn a lot from doing research on different poses and I still barely know anything. I have been in a yoga hiatus as of lately, so I am needing to get back into it. Before I started, I always thought "there's no way that yoga can provide that good of a workout." I have never been so dead wrong in my life. Actually, this was the first time in my entire life that I was wrong. Just ask my boyfriend, he'll tell you I'm always right. The way your body and your mind connect while doing yoga and how you feel an overall sense of peace with yourself after the class is pretty amazing. The way you can push your body and see advancement through one class is reason enough to keep going back. 

Other than Mother Nature being a pesty little betch and me complaining about everything under the sun, today was overall a pretty good day. My Midol finally kicked in. It was sunny and 50's. Me and Lacy enjoyed the outdoors and went for a jog/walk/pull Cassee all over the street. Just a PSA, if you're thinking about getting a Bloodhound or any hound mix, please note that you will NEVER have a leisurely walk. I mean ever. But they're so cute so you should totes buy one. Buy me one too, Lacy wants a friend.



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